Product and Brand Photographyan exciting new collaboration

Sometimes the stars align and things that you have been mulling over for a while fall into place! Such a mystery of fate happened a few weeks ago when I met with my sister-in-law, Lisa King, for a coffee and inevitable business chat.

I have been thinking about developing my the product and branding side to my photography business for some time, I am passionate about supporting small businesses and I love beautiful handmade products so making a move into product and brand photography felt like a natural development. As it turned out Lisa, who run her very successful marketing consultancy business Lisa King Consultancy, was looking for a helping hand to offer product and brand photography for the small businesses that she works with, freeing her up to focus on the other elements of her busy business. I was delighted to get on board and I’m super excited to start work on some collaboration projects!

Product and Brand Photography

So, I am now delighted to offer a new and excited branch to my photography business – Product & Brand Photography. I am excited to offer both beautiful product photography and brand development, including ‘day in the life’ lifestyle sessions.

A few words from the lovely Lisa “I am delighted that Helen’s services will now be available to my clients and I can’t wait to see the results she gets! Helen’s work is fresh, bright and elegant and her eye for attention to detail is very similar to my own. It’s these reasons that give me full confidence that she will deliver amazing results for the small businesses that I work with. I adore Helen’s photos and could not be happier to be able to use her work on my client’s websites and within their marketing activity.”

Product and Brand PhotographyProduct and Brand Photography

If you would like to plan your product or brand photography, just get in touch with myself or Lisa and we will be happy to you plan your visual business branding.