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Five reasons to have an engagement session

If you are anything like me then it’s highly likely that the only photographs you have of you and your partner together are semi awkard selfie’s or possibly the odd photograph taken by a random stranger on holiday (complete with terrible composition and the odd group of other people in the backgound – see below, cringe!). If that sounds familiar then listen up, I think you will probably want to read this post. Today I’m sharing my 5ย  reasons to have an engagement sessionbefore your wedding…

Tip 1: relax it’s actually a lot of fun

I’m putting this one in first because really it is the most important reason – it vastly helps your experience of being photographed together on your wedding day. If the idea of being photographed makes you cringe a little, feel kind of awkward and pretty embarrassed then it’s very likely that an engagement session is exactly right for you. Having a ‘practice run’ is the perfect opportunity to learn how being photographed feels, to get comfortable in front of the camera and learn to relax.ย  During an engagement session we will work together to help you feel relaxed and comfortable in front of my camera, we will chat and shoot in a super relaxed way and you will learn that being photographed by my is actually a lot of fun ๐Ÿ™‚

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Tip 2: Get to know me

One of the most important parts in making sure you have beautiful wedding photos is being comfortable in front of the camera, and one of the best ways to get to know me and how I work. An engagement session is the perfect time to do this. I talk a lot, and I talk to help my couples feel relaxed so you will come away from an engagement session probably knowing quite a bit about me and my life – the start of a wonderful friendship! Aside from making a new friend what this does is help you to feel so much more comfortable in front of my camera, I will feel more like an old friend at your wedding and less like a random stranger pointing their camera at you. Knowing how I work is a huge advantage too. Each photographer works differently to achieve what they want to create and knowing how I photograph you in advance of the wedding gives you a heads up of how it will feel on the day.

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Tip 3: I can get to know you

My third reasons to have an engagement session is so that I can get to know you. I am well versed in photographing people on their wedding day, I know how to see the people behind the bride and groom and how to anticipate and capture those important moments. However, if we meet before you wedding for an engagement session I am able to get privileged access into you and your relationship which will help me to capture more intimate and personal photographs on your wedding day. Having a relationship with me that is created during an engagement session will also help you to feel more comfortable to relax and be yourself in front of my camera – allowing me to capture more of who you truly are. You will also develop a confidence during an engagement session of how to be photographed as a couple, you will know what to expect and how it feels so you will be able to fall into that section of the wedding day much easier – meaning your portraits shots will look more relaxed, more romantic and more intimate.

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Tip 4: You will develop a trust in me

You book your photographer based on the work you have seen that they have created, of other people. But at the back of your mind you have a nagging doubt; will we ever look like the couples we’ve seen on her website? Firstly yes, absolutely – but the most important thing is that you believe and trust in that yes. That is where an engagement session is comes in handy. You will go through the process of being photographed by me and at the end you will see a collection of lovely photographs of you. My work, but you ๐Ÿ™‚ You will see how my work translates into you and your relationship and how you can trust completely that I will capture your wedding with the same unique style and creativity.

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Tip 5: You will get a collection of lovely images!

Photographs are a way to capture a special era of your lives in time forever and this is true for the engagement photos. When you look around your home do you imagine your it being filled with photos representing your lives? The time prior to your wedding is a unique moment that will only happen once. It is a wonderful opportunity to capture your relationship in the time before a enormous mile stone in your life. Who knows where you will journey after marriage? You may move house, start a family, travel across the world and live in another country. What ever happens you will grow and change and capturing the now through an engagement session is an invaluable opportunity.

If you fancy booking an engagement session after reading these top 5 reasons why you should, then pop me a message I’d love to hear from you.

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