Travel ~ Yosemite National Parkbehind the lens

Today I’m sharing another instalment of my ‘behind the lens’ series about me, my life, my travels, my loves – to give all you lovely wedding couples, searching for the photographer who is the perfect fit for you, a good old reason to get in touch.

Travel ~ Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

I have never in my life been more completely and utterly overwhelmed by a landscape as I was when we visited Yosemite National Park in September. There is no words that can accurately depict just how immense and awe inspiring it is to look out over such wonder and beauty. I stood here looking out over this view with the strangest and most wonderful feeling, I felt small and delightfully insignificant but with such vastness in my heart. It made me feel that I was totally alone but also connected to everyone else in my smallness. It was a truly amazing experience and I feel very lucky to have seen such natural beauty, it blew me away.

We spent a glorious three weeks travelling around California and we visited so many places that at every stop on our route we felt that we needed more time there to really experience it fully. No place more than Yosemite – we are already talking about when to plan in another visit! We had a couple of days there, and despite bedding in my hiking shoes all summer long we didn’t actually get the opportunity to really hike. There are so many ‘must see’ places that to see only a hand full meant that we had to whistle stop tour through them, we hiked up to a couple of the falls and walked along a river to mirror lake, but I didn’t do as much serious hiking as I would have liked – so a return visit in the future is a must. We did however manage to take a few photographs on our little compact camera and although they don’t really do it justice they will always remind us of the uniqueness and wonder of this amazing place, and that after all is what photographs are about.

Travel ~ Yosemite National Park Travel ~ Yosemite National Park Travel ~ Yosemite National Park Travel ~ Yosemite National Park

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