How to get a really cracking confetti shot!Wedding photography top tips

There aren’t many wedding traditions I’m really passionate about, I think sometimes wedding traditions can prevent couples from doing their wedding the way they truly want to. However one traditional I really love is the throwing of confetti!

I mean really throwing confetti. Where confetti is concerned more really is more! Little tiny handfuls of confetti thrown by the few token aunties who remembered to bring it along, nah. If you’re going to do confetti then let’s do it right. Let’s make some amazing, vibrant joy filled confetti throw photographs!

So how do we make that happen?  It’s easy really. There are just a few things to think about…

Buy plenty of confetti for your guests and make sure it’s venue friendly. Not many guests bring confetti to weddings anymore and most venues stipulate the type of confetti that can be used.  So get in bucket loads of natural, eco-friendly, non-dyed confetti which should be fine for most venues. Do double check with your ceremony venue if you’re not sure. However much confetti you think you need, double it! So often I see pretty baskets of confetti cones being handed out by ushers and bridesmaid who get about half way through the guests before they run out. There should be enough confetti for all of your guests to grab a huge handful. If you are investing in confetti, then invest in the best confetti shot – and that means mountains of confetti.

Be in the moment. The very best confetti photographs are ones filled with natural, spontaneous joy; the vibrancy of huge smiles on the faces of a couple surrounded by their loved ones.

Depending on the location, the light, the space and the time we can choose between two typical confetti shots; walking through an aisle of guests who throw confetti as you walk past or standing still and being surrounded by your guests who all throw confetti at the same time. There are different advantages to each choice. Often couples find it easier to feel and act more relaxed and natural with the walking option, reactions are more real and smiles are more spontaneous. However, the standing still method often provides the best volume of confetti; everyone throws it at the same time from lots of different angles so the photo is full of confetti. This works amazingly well if you are able to just relax and be absorbed in the moment.

If there is one stand alone, all important, do not forget piece of advice I could give you it would simply be to forget about the camera, think about each other and enjoy the celebration.

Here’s a few of my favourite confetti moments…

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