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In my parents’ home there are photographs of me at my graduation above the piano, alongside photos of my sister and my brother at their respective graduations.  There are pictures of us on our weddings days and photographs of my nieces along the mantel.  My sister even has what we have named the ‘wall of fame’ – photographs of all the important people in their lives filling the wall up the stairs.

We print our photos!

In these days of digital downloads, social media and hard drive storage there is a tendency to forget that printing our photographs are what they were created for. Sharing them online is all well and good but that won’t be there forever, we won’t click back through our Facebook feed in 50 years to show our children and grandchildren our precious memories. We will want to reach under the bed or at the bottom of the wardrobe, lift out that dusty box and shower the future generations with tangible relics of our past. I love those times when for one reason or another my parents will get out the box of prints from the bottom of the wardrobe. We’ll all gather, picking up random moments from the past and laughing at our family memories.

It’s so easy to put off printing your precious moments; were are all busy people and sitting down to select a handful of your favourite photos to print is daunting. I hope I can persuade you that printing your photos is easy and totally worth those few minutes it takes to do it.

Printing your wedding photos

Why should I print my photographs?

Photographs were made to be printed. Photography has been around way before digital photography, and yes it’s now super easy to click and upload and see our photos, but really they were made to be printed. They look infinitely better in print than they do on screen and the experience of holding a tangible product in your hand is incomparable. Technology is a fickle beast. Who knows what we will be using in 10 years lets alone 50, and it might well be that the method you use to store your digital photo file might not even exist. A box full of beautiful prints will always be there.

Why should I order my prints through you?

If you have the usb of digital files included in your package then you can order your prints from anywhere. Except that they won’t necessarily look the same from anywhere.

For a start most print labs accessible by the general public (such as the common high street offerings) don’t use archival paper and inks. They very often edit the image without you knowing and adjust the colour profile and contrast. All in all the quality from most high street photo labs is not great and probably won’t last a lifetime.

By ordering through my online gallery you will get an accurate reproduction of your images on high quality paper with proffessional quality inks, creating beautiful vibrancy and clarity. You can choose between standard photographic prints or beautifully mounted fine art prints (illustrated here).

Printing your wedding photos We print our photos



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