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love your wedding photos

Love yourself on your wedding day.

I would say the vast majority of my couples are nervous about having their photo taken. I’m not really surprised by this, mainly because it’s not very often you are photographed together as a couple in your everyday lives, but also because the type of couples that pick me as their photographer tend to be modest, lovely people who want a photographer who is relaxed, friendly and natural and will make sure the photography experience isn’t scary but actually enjoyable.

As a professional photographer I know how to work natural light to get beautiful photographs, I know how to position you to produce flattering and natural photographs, I even know how to chat nonsense to help you to relax and capture relaxed happy photographs. I can try my very best through all of these things to build your self-esteem , but I can’t give you the magic confidence to love yourself.

There is such a pressure in society now to be perfect. To have the perfect wedding, be the perfect bride. We pick and pick at our imperfections until that is all we see, we demolish our self-esteem so we become afraid to be photographed, afraid of the image of us that will be preserved.

I am as guilty of this as anyone, I rarely have photographs of myself taken. Mainly because I’m behind the camera in my happy place, but also because the day is never quite right for a photo. I don’t have makeup on today, I’m having a ugh day, these jeans make by legs look stocky etc etc…

I suppose that is why I am so passionate about my brides and grooms not feeling like this on their wedding day, but feeling great and confident about the photographs I create of them.

love your wedding photos love your wedding photoslove your wedding photos

So how can you feel beautiful in your wedding photographs?

Love yourself like you love your partner. When you look at the person you are marrying you don’t see their flaws, you love them, just as they are. Be as kind to yourself as you are to your partner.

I can take beautiful pictures of you that you will love if you love yourself and if you just relax and be happy. Enjoy your wedding day;  smile, laugh and forget about how you look. You will love these photographs of yourself because they will transport you back to those moments of happiness. You will be radiant and beautiful in that happiness.

The photographs will show your love for each other and that is beautiful. They will show how you felt in those moments, and that is beautiful.

See yourself as your partner sees you! Take yourself out of your head for a moment, see your amazing self as he or she see’s you, capture that feeling and hold onto it throughout your wedding day.

Your wedding day is going to be beautiful because it’s yours. It’s a celebration of your relationship and your love and it will be filled with your own unique brand of happiness. Nothing makes for a more beautiful collection of wedding photographs than that, and I know what I’m talking about, I see a lot of weddings.

Forget about the idea of perfection – you are perfect just as you are.