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I would describe myself as a Fine Art Lifestyle wedding photographer , but what does that mean?

The search for the perfect photographer for your wedding can feel overwhelming. So much choice, so many terms banded around about photographers ‘style’ or ‘approach’, what does it really all mean? No fear, I will attempt here to de-fog everything you might hear when you’re searching for your wedding photographer, and give you an insight into my wedding photography style and approach and how it might work for you.

You have probably heard words like reportage, documentary, lifestyle, editorial, fine art banded around. But what does it really all mean when it comes down to a photographic representation of your wedding. So as a Fine art Lifestyle photographer what does that mean when it comes to my work. In fact I’m a mixture of a few different styles, all combining and complementing each other to create what I think of as creative, beautiful, classic, and natural photographs.

I’m going to break down each element of my Photographic style and how it fits into your wedding:

Fine Art Lifestyle wedding photographer

Natural story telling.

Often termed as documentary or reportage photography, I spend most of a wedding day shooting what is happening in front of me with no direction or interaction. I am recording the moments and telling the story of your day. However, this isn’t a simple point at stuff and shoot the heck out of it. My style is measured and careful. I create a collection of natural moments that have been carefully considered; the light, the surroundings, the moment, the expressions all coming together to tell the story in a way I find beautiful, authentic and stylistic. That’s where the ‘lifestyle’ element of my photography style comes in. I am telling your story with vision, curating the story to tell it at its most authentic and its most beautiful.

“Reportage Photography: The Art of Storytelling. Reportage photography, or what’s also known as documentary photography, is a photographic style that captures a moment or event in a narrative fashion, i.e., images that tell a story.”

Fine Art Lifestyle wedding photographerNatural story telling wedding photography Natural story telling wedding photographyFine Art Lifestyle photographerFine Art Lifestyle photographercandid wedding photographydocumentary wedding photographydocumentary wedding photography
Fine Art and Editorial Wedding Photography

While I predominantly shoot a wedding day in a documentary style, I also love to work with you as a couple to create some beautiful, fine art style portraits.  These are the portraits you might have seen in my portfolio. It is extremely important to me that these portraits are still natural and authentic which works alongside my storytelling approach for the rest of the day. Here I create a balance between finding the perfect light, the perfect location and creating the perfect moment between the two of you.  My focus is on you interacting with each other naturally in an environment I have created to produce my signature light, fresh and beautiful fine art style portraits.

My fine art style isn’t about using trendy editing styles or poses which will date as they go out of fashion, it’s about creating images that are beautiful and timeless as well as fresh and modern.fine art wedding portraitsfine art wedding portraits fine art wedding portraitsfine art wedding portraits

Classic & timeless

This element is very important to me and it’s something I see less and less within the wedding photography industry. To me classic photography during a wedding has two main focuses.

The traditions. By this I am referring to the traditional more formal photographs of your family members that most of my couples will request. As I have got a little older and my family has grown I have come to realise just how important these family photographs are. It doesn’t happen very often, as a family grows, that everyone is all together at the same time. These moments are precious and deserve significant attention.

Now I am certainly not the type of photographer who will spend most of the wedding day posing family formal after family formal – as I have mentioned previous I like to spend most of my time at a wedding recording genuine moments – but there is a place for beautifully composed, well-lit and flattering family formals

Many photographers admit that this isn’t a strength of theirs and they will simple gather every together and quickly snap a few shots before moving on, but to me it is really important to get the few family formals that we do perfect. Beautiful flattering light, great backgrounds and perfectly composed groups are as important to me as they will be to your parents, your grandparents, and in the years to come will gain more and more significance to you. These are the photographs that the generations to come will study, laugh over and maybe print and have in their homes.

classic wedding photography classic wedding photography classic wedding photography

The classic style

My style is a timeless blend of classic and modern. I don’t go in for heavy edits that make your shots look trendy or fashionable. These contemporary photographs look great now, but in the years to come? I’m creating a legacy when I photograph your wedding. I don’t want my clients to look back at their wedding photographs in a few years and think, wow these look dated! Remember spot colour? Hugely popular in the late 90’s, the bouquet in colour and everything else black & white? We look back at that now with a slight cringe and a little giggle at how styles have changed. Do you really want that for your wedding photographs? My photographs have the light, freshness of modern fine art photography with a classic elegance that represents things as they are in real life, only better!

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Creative wedding photography

So yes the photographs I create are a classic and timeless collection of images, but they are also most definitely creative.  I love to use light creatively to create striking and beautiful images. I see the world and I want to represent it at its most beautiful and the way I see and manipulate light is a huge and important part of my creative process. I get so excited when I see bright summer light glittering and reflecting off everything, or that soft glow of golden hour. I am actually obsessed with light. You will probably hear me mention it a few hundred times throughout our photography journey together!

So to sum everything up – if you are looking for a collection of beautiful, classic & timeless photographs of natural and authentic moments with a fine art creative style then I am definitely the photographer for photographer nottingham fine art photography nottingham my wedding photography style

Helen King Photography is a Fine Art Lifestyle wedding photographer  in nottingham, across the UK and beyond. If you are planning your wedding and think my photography style is up your street then do get in touch, Id love to hear from you