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I’m posting something a little different today. I believe that the photographs a photographer takes on your wedding day is just a proportion of what they bring to your wedding photography experience. You and your photographer should understand one another; you should connect with them and they with you. To get the best from my couples and take the photographs I know they are going to love, I need to feel that we gel together, that they have picked me for reasons that go beyond my wedding portfolio. Maybe it’s because of the way I shoot, my philosophy or my approach. Perhaps it’s because of the way I write about marriage, how I love people and feel passionate about weddings. Maybe it’s because they follow my personal pages on social media and totally get my love of coffee and Harry Potter. Or they identify with my love of travel and seeing new places, experiencing new things and generally loving building wonderful memories with my family. It could be a mixture of all of those things – but one thing is certain, people don’t know why we would completely get on, and why I’m the perfect photographer for them unless I tell them.

So today I’m starting a new ‘behind the lens’ blog all about me, my life, my travels, my loves – to give all you lovely wedding couples, searching for the photographer who is the perfect fit for you, a good old reason to get in touch.

I love Italy; sure everyone who has visited loves Italy right? But Italy holds a special place in my heart. I got engaged in Vatican City (my husband insists that I am geographically correct here), by one of the fountains in St. Pauls square. We then spent our honeymoon travelling around Tuscany, from Florence to Siena to Rome. The most wonderful holiday of my life so far. These are a few of the photographs I took during those holidays, they transport me right back to those moments and how I felt. That light! So clean so beautiful. The rolling hills punctuated by cypress trees, the most beautiful stone churches glittering like marble in the sunshine and all that blue sky.

If you are looking for a photographer to shoot your Italian wedding in Tuscany with a passion bordering on obsession then I’m the girl for you.

Ok so that is San Gimignano. Why is San Gimignano important? Apart from being absolutely beautiful and quaint and pretty and lovely, and apart from being known for having the most and tallest towers in Tuscany; I discovered the most delicious gelato in the entire world, no exaggerating. A small, seemingly inconsequential, shop in the square just out of site, serves a pistachio gelato that is like heaven in a bowl.