A year in picturesmy 2016 best bits

Wow, where did 2016 go?!!! It may be remembered as one of the worse years politically, but for me and the lovely couples who married in 2016 it will be remember for all the joy, all the fun and all the wonderful memories.

I’ve enjoyed every adventure I’ve had with each of my couples this year; I’ve seen a lot of smiles and a lot of tears, I’ve emptied a lot of confetti out of my camera bag and picked a lot of mud out of my shoes. I’ve shared a few hearts breaking moments and a great deal of heart warmed ones. I’ve been underneath a few bride’s dresses (no-body can ever figure out how to bustle a dress!) and dried off more than a few dripping bouquets. I’ve helped fasten sparkly shoes and tie those complicated bridesmaid dresses, but most importantly and throughout all of those moments I’ve been there with my trusted camera to document and record the unfolding moments of many unique stories and I’m every time I feel honoured to be the person to tell those wonderful stories.

My words don’t really do these weddings justice so let’s let the photos tell the story…