Wedding photography by the sea ~ Becca & Dan {Ravenscar Hall}

From the moment I arrived at Becca’s parents’ house to capture those morning moments, I just knew that Becca & Dan’s wedding was going to overflow with happiness. The house was bursting with nervous excitement, I don’t think Becca’s Mum’s hands stopped shaking until after the ceremony, and the moment that Becca’s Dad saw her in her dress for the first time was just beautiful. I have seen many fathers’ reactions to their daughter’s first steps towards married life, and all men deal with it differently. Becca’s Dad was overwhelmed with joy and pride, it just shone out of him, and I feel so privileged to have been there in that intimate moment to capture it for them.
After a lovely ceremony at the local church we all made the drive over to Ravenscar Hall, a beautiful hotel nestled on a hill right by the sea. The weather was grim when we arrived and the amazing view was hidden behind a wall of mist, but luckily the weather gods were shining down on Becca & Dan because as soon as their wedding breakfast was over the venue was bathed in brilliant sunshine and the guests poured outside to make the most of the view and the glow. We were even luck enough to get the most amazing sunset, and boy did these two deserve it.

Becca & Dan are such warm and kind people, surrounded by wonderful friends and family, and their day was filled to the brim with love. I felt so lucky to work with both of them, Becca is one of the kindest most generous people I have ever met, she spent most of her wedding day telling everyone else how lovely they looked, thanking them for ‘travelling all this way’ to her wedding and saying how lucky they both were for enjoying such a lovely wedding. Well Becca I couldn’t agree more, it was a wonderful day and I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend ‘up north’ with you all xx
I think the entire village came out for Becca & Dan’s wedding and were lining up along the roads to see the arrival of the bride.I adore a good confetti shot and the pure delight on Becca & Dan’s faces really make these.During the wedding breakfast the sun came out and I went for a little walk to scope out some great places for portrait shots later on. I was beyond excited when I found a little secret garden surrounded by what looked like old castle ramparts looking out over the sea. When I told Becca & Dan that I had found the perfect spot for their couple portraits I think I was literally hopping from one foot to the other in excitement!The guests certainly made the most of the sunny evening weather with boules and croquet on the hotel lawn.It’s not often on a wedding day that all the stars align for a sunset; the timing, the weather, the location and the cloud cover all have to be perfect. Luckily for us it was perfect and we were able to capture shots like these… After seeing their sneak peek photographs I received these amazing words from Becca & Dan;

“We just wanted to say thank you ever so much for all you did for us on our wedding day, in fact we’re not sure if we can ever thank you enough!!
You were so professional and hard-working – it was such a long day and you must have been absolutely shattered but you kept smiling all the way through. Not to mention the fact you had to travel so far from home and abandon your husband for two nights.
You had no idea what you were going to be walking in to when you arrived at our house on Saturday morning and you just got in with it, even when you kept banging your head in my sister’s bedroom!
You made us both feel so comfortable and to be honest it felt like you were a friend attending our wedding rather than our photographer. Our guests were so impressed with you and Rebecca’s Grandma actually got a bit snobby and told her sister-in-law that, “Helen doesn’t photograph just anybody,” and that you’re basically out of her league when she enquired about her own daughter’s wedding!!
The photos from the sneak peek are absolutely amazing, they are so special and we cannot wait to see the rest!
You could not have done any more for us on a day that meant so much and we cannot stress enough how highly we think of you
Thank you very much again and hope we managed to get across how amazing we think you are at what you do!!

Also we have decided that you must be a secret ninja – there really is no other explanation for how you managed to get photos of so many different places all at the same time!!
Thank you so so much again