Hampton Manor Wedding: Rachael & Dave

I think it’s time to blog another lovely wedding from last year. The sun has been shining today so I think I’ll dig back through the catalogue to a beautiful wedding from last summer.
Rachael and Dave had their wedding at the gorgeous Hampton Manor in Solihull on a delightful sunny day last August. I loved every minute of this wedding; Rachael and Dave are one of the sweetest couples I have had the pleasure to work with, they are so totally in love and were an absolute pleasure to photograph. Their wedding was so full of sunshine and laughter that it epitomised a summer wedding for me. Thank you to Rachael & Dave for allowing me to capture all of those happy memories.
I have many stories that I bring home from the wedding day activities I am witness to, and I do have a little tale to go along with this post, and at the risk of sounding melodramatic I believe I may have saved a life on this wedding day… Rachel & Dave’s wedding cake was displayed beautifully on a rustic wooden picnic table surrounded by tea lights, creating a twinkly warmth. It was a lovely feature; however the bench around the table was the perfect place to park for a minute, which was what one group of ladies did. However, the height of the table and the height of the bench meant that if you had lovely long hair (as one of these particular ladies did) it was the perfect (or un-perfect!) height to brush along the naked flames of the tealights. One minute I was peacefully photographing the wedding cake, the next minute I saw a flicker out of the corner of my eye as the ladies beautiful blond hair went up in flames. I jumped up and shouted ‘your hair is on fire’ and looked around desperately for something to put out the flames! Luckily her friend patted it out very quickly, or it may have been a wedding cake on her head moment as I grabbed the nearest thing :-0

  • Joshua Boyd said:

    Nice work Helen, love the colours!

  • Kelly & James said:

    Love these, there are some really lovely romantic and beautiful shots. Can't wait for you to photograph our wedding :-)

  • Rachael & Dave said:

    Beautiful pictures, I still get goosebumps looking through them all xx